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Stasis (AU, coma, drabble, PG) - for Challenge # 1: AU (Dark Undertones)

Last year, they struck the tubes into her brother’s body and hooked him onto the machines. Last month, Hokuto stopped waiting for Seishirou to find her beneath the tree. Yesterday, she came back during the night after a week of finally staying home, and found the Sakurazukamori sitting on her brother’s bed. He smiled at her.

“You can keep your brother.” He walks away.

Subaru slept on.

Hokuto kissed her brother good night. Climbed in and held him tight, his skin dry against her arms. Outside their window, Seishirou is watching them through yellow eyes.

He will come back later.

Bonus included: sickness
Tags: c - au (dark undertones), fic
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